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    Server 13 disabled eventhough its clicked on




      FM server is installed on an Windows 7 professional machine.

      Trying to access with in the internal ethernet network:

      It worked before, now not any more, I disabled a bunch unneeded programs from Windows, but to my knowledge nothing what I needed and upgraded the FM Server version.

      Which programs on windows have to be installed and running so that FM Server 13 is working:


      Here the different screen shots.

      What doesnt make sense is this on the first screen shot (I boxed it red) eventhough all is clicked as enabled.

      What I noticed is that every time I restart the computer "Web Publishing Engine" is turned of and does not auto start anymore.

      "FileMaker WebDirect is disabled"






      This is what the result is when I try to access it on the browser.


      thanks a lot for the help

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          I have same issue.


          Re-install full 13v5 doesn't resolve.


          deployment.log shows everything is 'succeeded', but PHP handler is not there.


          catalina.2014-12-02.log says

          12 02, 2014 1:11:53  org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina initDirs

          SEVERE: Cannot find specified temporary folder at ..\temp

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            It seems repaired.


            Uninstall these



            IIS URL Rewrite Module

            Microsoft Application Request Routing

            Microsoft External Cache for IIS

            Microsoft Web Farm Framework


            and reinstall FMS, others are auto-installed.


            I'm not sure for this is the key, since too many things I did before resolved... disable IIS, install FMSv3 etc.


            I changed install option to unchecking PHP/XML (default) last time, but this shouldn't key. After install, they can be on.


            catalina...log is saying same SEVERE error, so this may be not a problem.


            Good luck.