Developing a "Preferences" section

Discussion created by Nehme on Nov 29, 2014
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I have a solution that includes some preferences. Those are edited by the user so that he can customize some of the features of the solution.


I am using Global fields for those preferences so that changes can be universal for all records and all tables.


PROBLEM: When used in a local network connection (using Filemaker Pro13), preferences changes must be done in the host station.

Otherwise, Preferences changes will be applied untill the solution is closed and then reset.

(This is how Global fields behave in network connection).


I am trying to figure out the best solution.


I am thinking of creating a table for the preferences, NOT usnig global fields (use simple text and numbers fields) and prevent users from creating more then 1 record (It would be me who will create this record).

But in this case, I will need to to relate this table to all other tables to be able to use those preferences (unlike global fields that doesn't need to be related).

And in case another record is incidentally created in this table, all the preferences will be lost.


Is there any better solution for this issue?