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Windows Client cannot export container field into temporary folder

Question asked by FileKraft on Nov 27, 2014
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Hi everyone,


One of my users cannot export a file from a container field and reimport from that path via script.

It pops up an error stating:


‘error re-insert: file path image/C/users/Caroline/AppData/Local/Temp/S11/VIPnetd_o_o22


the original filename has been deprecated from

VIPnetd_o_o22_11_14.pdf - also the file path in the script starts image:/


Also the client is using a local copy of the file which is placed on the real local hard drive C drive on root level.

Before the file was on the desktop of a served volume where the entire user's home was handled. but filemaker performance was down and it complained

that the file is opened from a networked drive.


so to increase performance the user moved the file manually to C but now the scripts trying to store to temp file fail.


any ideas?


i am suggesting to copy the file into a user's folder on the local drive ..