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Question asked by Elements on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by Elements

When creating Bank Reconciliations, we have to be able to look backwards at previous months to see which checks written were not paid and which deposits were not deposited for a specific month (those that were paid and deposited are not a problem because once paid it's over).


The problem is that a check written in December might not be paid in January and February etc. Legally checks are good for 6 months but might be cleared even later.


If I clear the check in February, when I look back at my filtered portal for the January Bank Rec the check which was uncleared when I created the Bank Rec in January will no longer be visible in the uncleared portal because I am using a simple flag field to filter.


I'm thinking of creating an Uncleared Staus field to be populated with the UUID of the Bank Rec once I press CONFIRM for any completed Bank Rec.


Any better ideas?