How to put a form and list "view" in the same layout?

Discussion created by yahbai on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by ibrahim_bittar

Hi there,


I'm new to filemaker, but not programming or UI design, and so have a quick "how to" in filmaker question.


I have a user table that I would like to make "manage users" layout to display/change/add/manage etc the users (ie data in the table)


I would like a layout with a (non editable) scoll-able list of all the users to allow you to see all the users and select a single user (a "list" or "table" type view), but underneath it a "form" type view that contains more information for each active/selected user in the scroll list, with perhaps some controls for adding/deleting users, modifying info etc.


From what I can see this is a form or list view to do the scrolling, coupled with a "form" view underneath it, with the "form" displaying the active field from the scroll list


What's the best way to get this done?