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    Can not make Filemaker Server 13 run


      I´ve been trying to make FMS run for three days but it just does not work.

      Main issues are:

      1) Data bases do not open.

      2) Can not connect with web server,


      Although I checked all ports required are open, server can not connect.

      It´s running on a MacMini (mid 2011) 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 with 16Gb 1333 DDR3 Ram and 500GB Hard drive.

      OS X is Yoxemite 10.10.1.


      Internet connection is through an Alcatel - Lucent I-240-W fiber optic modem.

      Computer and modem are conneceted with an ethernet cable.


      Attached are screen shots of the modem, computer´s network settings and FMS screen.


      I´d really appreciate any help on this regards.

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          The port forwarding is irrelvant unless you want to connect to the files from outside of your network.


          The most pressing issue is making sure that FMS can open the files.  The FMS event log will tell you why it can't.  What does it say?

          (for instance, if you happen to have FMP open at the time you launch FMS, FMS will detect that port 5003 is already in use by FMP and won't be able to host the files)

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            I checked the log as soon as the problem happened for the first time. The event says "FMS can not close the file because it is closed". This message shows when I try to open any closed file.

            I don´t think it´s a normal behavior since files were closed and I was opening them.

            No other application was open.


            But now that you mention it, I cannot upload files from FMP either . I have FMP installed in the same machine for the only porpouse of uploading files.

            It does not connect to the server. Every time I try, I get a message saying it could not connect to server.

            Must say that when the closed databases issue started, FMP was not open.


            This is the first time I´m deploying a solution in Yosemite and it´s been a nightmare. This is my third day trying to making it work.

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              Like Wim says, the port forwarding is only relevant if you want to connect from the outside.

              However, it seems that you have created port forwarding for too many ports.

              The only ports, that should be included is;

              5003     FileMaker

              80         HTTP

              443       HTTPS and uploading of files to FMS and upload to remote container fields

              16000   If you want to connect to admin console from outside your LAN


              I can't see if you are using a full 13.0v5 installer or just the updater.

              However, you should use the full installer, when you install on Yosemite.

              My best suggestion would be reinstall;


              1) Make sure the DB files is closed

              2) Turn off all FileMaker server processes, either in the admin console or go to Activity viewer and filter for fms and kill the processes

              3) Use the installer to remove FMS

              4) Delete the entire FileMaker Server folder, that sits in your /Library/ folder

              5) Run this command in Terminal app:   sudo apachectl stop     (this is normally not needed, but should make sure that install will always work)

              6) Install FMS from the full FMS 13.0v5 installer (install all services)

              7) Deployment should now go smooth and your FMS should start normally.

              8) Use the technology tests to verify that all services is working

              9) Close and remove the FileMaker Server Sample file

              10) Upload your DB files from FileMaker client


              I have installed on several servers and it works fine.

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                Thank you both Claus and Wim.


                I´ll do the whole process as you describe and will let you know my results.

                I do need to open ports to grant access from external machines since my customer will be running the data bases from his branches using FMPro and FMGo.