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    Record Number Trouble?


      Hi Everybody,


      Using the Insert Record Number Symbol in order to obtain sequential numbering of the records in the found set on my report layout returns 1 as the first number and then random number after that. Never experienced this before. I've previously built numbering mechanisms in Filemaker that use summary and calc fields in order to restart numbering after a break field, but that isn't necessary here.


      The layout in question has a title part and a body part.


      Any help would be much appreciated; thanks in advance!



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          D, can you specify:     

               fm version

               os & os version


          When you "Insert Record Number Symbol" can you describe the steps you take to do this? (selection from the menu? key shortcuts? ??)



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            Hi Beverly!


            Apologies:  I'm running the latest version of FM 13 Advanced on the latest edition of Mavericks for Apple.  The anomaly occurs no matter what database I'm working in (even fresh new ones created for experimental purposes).


            To insert, I use the menu bar command under "Insert."  Many thanks for your interest in lending a helping hand!