Transaction model for FM ...which is "best"

Discussion created by yahbai on Nov 30, 2014
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Hi all,


I'm new to FM, but have done standard oracle/javascript client coding in the past.


I'm wanting to implement a phased system for managing my coffee shops (first expense tracking, then staff scheduling, later POS etc). I'll be doing it all in webdirect, and it will be multi-user (staff, partners etc with permission management). It will be handling financial records, so I want an explicit "new"/"modify" "save/cancel" approach to most record creation, instead of the impicit "if you leave this layout it will be saved".


So I quickly ran into the fact that FM by default has implicit commits and isn't transactional (don't flame me for saying that!).


A few googles took me into the upteen different solutions for making a standard transactional model (geist, collibri, x, y, z, ...)


So I've got a simple question (with undoubtedly not so simple answer): what's the "best" (for me at least - small concurrent users, simple DB scheme, webdirect, not FM menus/toolbars) way to implement a transactional based design?