Yosemite 10.10.1 and FM Adv 13.v4, still problematic...?

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Dec 1, 2014
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Well, I kind of got used to the problems with 10.10 and filemaker 13, but now, since updating to 10.10.1 and FM Adv 13v4, problems are now getting worse.


Still no joy with keyboard shortcuts, sigh...


Now having an occassional problem with selecting the layout popup menu - If I have two windows open, click on the drop down list, the drop down appears on the window BEHIND the currently active window, although it still functions, this is something that drives me a little loopy.


I've also seen a problem when selecting two lines of script and dragging it up the list of script steps, the selected text temporarily flashed over the far right hand side of the screen, then I had a real hard time dragging the selection upwards... I had to resort to copy and paste. Again, this was only once... but again, driving me loopie(r).



I think there is a serious issue with filemaker and the registering of mouse positioning and active window acknowledgement.


Files are being hosted on FMS 12 Windows...


I have not had much time to repeat with other files/solutions, but this is not looking good so far. Simple jobs are becoming mind melting challenges...