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How do I display all drop down values or popup values on a layout?

Question asked by theaudone on Dec 2, 2014
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I'm hoping someone who has more experience with layout design can help me with this question.


I'm designing a performance review system for a sales company. I have tables that contain values of performance rating criteria by topic, for example, selling skills. (sample values below)


Each time a sales rep has a performance review, the reviewer needs to rate them as 'above std', 'standard' or 'below std' etc (yet another table of course with these values) on each and every criteria.




selling skills performance criteria:

- sales rep effectively demonstrates product knowledge

- sales rep demonstrates ability to successfully use closing techniques to achieve sales objectives

- sales rep demonstrates ability to differentiate products in competetive situations

- effectively presents the products and appropriate procedural presentations to satisfy the customer's needs


rating code:

- above standard

- standard

- progress toward standard

- below standard


I would like the layout to show each of the available selling skills criteria to the reviewer when they create a new performance review, instead of them having to go through and choose each of these criteria from the popup, then rate it. They will always be rating the sales reps on ALL the criteria, every time they do a review. So if they have to go through and choose each criteria before applying their rating, it will be a lot of clicking time that isn't necessary.


What is the best way to do this on a layout?


Right now I have a layout for the high-level performance review, then a tab control showing each rating topic, and a portal on each tab that I am showing a popup with all the rating criteria, and a separate rating code for each choice.


If you need more detail about my database design etc I'm happy to show that too.


Thanks in advance,