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The memory in use on one of our FileMaker servers balloons to about 92% of the available RAM after running for a day or two, and I'd like to determine why, because I think it's affecting performance for the clients.


The server runs FileMaker Server 13 (v5) on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. I've got the cache set to an ample 4GB now, although the value of this setting seems to have no material effect; whatever is soaking up the extra RAM simply soaks up whatever is available after I adjust the cache size.


We have two FileMaker Server installations that are virtually identical but for the files they host, and a third as a WebDirect secondary machine. This is the only server exhibiting this behavior. In other words, on the other servers, usage hovers between 4 and 6 GB out of 16 regardless of the load.


When the ballooning starts, memory usage increases steadily a few dozen megabytes at a time. It doesn't seem related to any scheduled scripts; we only have one, and the ballooning doesn't coincide with its execution. It also doesn't seem to correlate with the number of users or what they're doing, although I don't feel like I've ruled out an errant script or query someone might be running in some edge case I don't know about.


I've been trying to examine the memory usage using things like perfmon, but the individual processes running on the machine all indicate normal usage, and nothing that adds up to 14-15 GB of allocated memory. The allocated memory doesn't seem to be associated with any particular process.


So I can't figure out what's allocating all that memory or what to do about it, but I'd like to get it under control so that I can feel like FileMaker Server and the OS both have enough RAM to function without swapping.


Any advice on analyzing this situation on the server?


Any way I might try to narrow this down to a particular application or script?


Edit: Forgot to link some (older) threads that seem to describe a similar situation:


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