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Picking a random set of records, with no repeats.

Question asked by jabond on Dec 2, 2014
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Good morning all,


I'm stuck. Here is what I'm trying to do...from a list of 240 records, pick 60 random records, marked them as being "used" and then when the script runs again, pick another random set from the remaining records. What I need is to use each record once with no repeats, and end up using all the records in the end. In the example above, I would create 4 lists of 60 randomly picked questions from the list, while not reusing any of the questions. I hope I'm making sense.


The only thing I have working right, is picking the random set of 60 records, but each time I run it, the number of records increases with each run (60, 120, 180, etc.)


Here is the script I'm using the find and mark the random questions


Go to Layout ["Question List 2" (Questin List 2)]

Enter Find Mode []

Insert Text [Select;Questions List 2::Marked; "Used"]

Omit Record

Perform Find []


Replace Field Contents [No dialog; Question List 2::RandomField; Random]

Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

Go to Record/Request/Page [First]

Omit Multiple Records [No dialog; 60]

Show Omitted Only


Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


Insert Text [Select; Question List 2::Marked; "Used"]

Go to Record/Request/Page [Next;Exit after last]

End Loop


Thanks in advance for any help!