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    Mac OS requirement for  11 to 13 transition


      I have a client running a complex system on FileMaker 11, with FileMaker Server 11.


      We are about ready to pull the trigger on the upgrade to 13.


      However, this presents some question about OS compatibility and the sequence in which things are done.


      In order to support FileMaker 13 and any future versions, they need to replace some of their computers so that they can run the required OS.


      Let's say they switch all computers so that they are all on Yosemite.

      This will require replacement of some existing computers; approximately half their computers cannot be upgraded to Yosemite.


      For the new machines, they will have to transfer user data to the new machines, install updated apps, etc.


      They will need to have both FileMaker 11 and FileMaker 13 installed.


      They will need to continue all operations in FileMaker 11, connecting to their server that is running FileMaker 11 Server.


      Then; once we are sure everything is ready; they will need to cease using FileMaker 11, begin using FileMaker 13, and connect to the (different) server that is running FileMaker 13 server.


      Though FileMaker 11 is "not supported" on Mavericks or Yosemite; does anybody know of actual show stoppers?

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          I am in the same boat, a huge legacy systemin 11 and half through a rewrite in 13. Its a complete nightmare. 11 is somewhat unstable on both Mavericks and Yosemite (to the point my users with paralles use FileMaker 11 on Windows 8 on Parallels rather than natively). We get random disconnects and slow downs. We have tried a few things of whcih the only successful thing is a ping running in terminal to the IP of the router. I wonder if the new networking power saving functions of OS X are causing issues. Disabling app nap didnt seem to help but it didnt hinder either.


          FWIW I appreciate FileMaker are a small company but the shallow depth of support, especially around a file format change period is very disappointing.

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            10.8 is a bridge from FileMaker 11 to FileMaker 13...


            ...if  you can find enough machines to get you there. Refurbs?


            Hope that helps.


            Good luck.


            All the best,



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              Bruce, I’m running both 11 and 13 on Yosemite. Java-based plugins require Java to be re-installed, but that wasn’t hard. 13 isn’t as stable on Yosemite as it was on Mavericks, and 11 works there too so if you can use Mavericks on the new machines until Yosemite’s better settled I’d recommend that.



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                Thanks Allen. Your experience seems different from Damian's.


                Got any idea why that might be?

                How does this instability show itself?

                As far as 13 on Yosemite - the most recent updates have not solved the problem?

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                  Bruce, be careful if you reinstall FMS11. There is some bad java issues, which require special modifications to FMS11.

                  As for client side, FM11 and FM13v4 works fine on Yosemite. I have not seen any unstability at all and I am working on both for several systems.

                  Java32 bit is not installed by Yosemite. (in fact the installation removes previous 32bit versions) However, you just need to install from Apple's website.

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                    Hi Bruce,


                    Given the fact that many posters are still reporting some odd behaviours with FMP 13 on Yosemite, I think it seldom hurts for our databases to be running on an OS that's gone through its full cycle of updates. To me that means you are better off going for the Mavericks OS. I think you have two options for the smoothest transition.


                    1.     Wipe the HD on any new Mac and install Mavericks. This is time consming but not technically demanding.


                    2.     Buy Used Macs for the old Macs that need to be replaced. In the US you have a wealth of options:

                         a.     Refurbed from the Apple Store.

                         b.     Used from OWC or Power Max.

                         Nearly all will be capable of running Mavericks.


                    The users on Macs that need to be replaced won't be getting a "New" Mac but any used one will certainly be a lot better than what they have been used to!


                    With best regards,



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                      As far as the server side of things, I do not anticipate problems.


                      That is:

                      The existing machine running FMS11 Server will continue as is.

                      A new machine, with appropriate OS version, will run FMS13.


                      It is only the client machines which will need to be dual-purposed.

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                        Claus, your answer regarding FileMaker Pro 11 and 13.04 run completely reliably on Yosemite is the simplest answer and the one I would most like to believe.


                        It sounds like you have a very solid basis for your conclusion.


                        But others don't have the same result. Have we got any ideas on why this difference exists?

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                          Hi Bruce


                          I don't know which reliablility issues others are seeing.

                          I have 3 MacBook Pro's (different years) 2 of them is running Yosemite and 1 is Mavericks.

                          These machines is development machines and I normally work on 4-6 systems simultanious FM11, FM12 and FM13

                          Add to that, I am very courious and download a wast amount of applications and stuff to test out. This has in the past resulted in unstability and sudden crashes.

                          For a couple of years, I have seen occationally FM11 app crashes, but mostly, this could be traced down to hardcore plugin usage/development.

                          In general, I don't see real unstability with FMP.

                          The solutions runs off servers, so they are pretty protected there.


                          I can not say that everything will run perfectly as I am developing systems, but rarely use them like our users would do.


                          I agree with John below, that Mavericks should be more stable. In my experience 10.8 was not a good release and never became good.

                          However, I acknowledge that Apple has made it much more difficult to purchase computers and try to install previous versions of the OS. In fact, in most cases it is virtually impossibly to install e.g. Mavericks on a computer, that was delivered with Yosemite. Not a great policy to enforce this on their customers....