Mac OS requirement for  11 to 13 transition

Discussion created by BruceRobertson on Dec 2, 2014
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I have a client running a complex system on FileMaker 11, with FileMaker Server 11.


We are about ready to pull the trigger on the upgrade to 13.


However, this presents some question about OS compatibility and the sequence in which things are done.


In order to support FileMaker 13 and any future versions, they need to replace some of their computers so that they can run the required OS.


Let's say they switch all computers so that they are all on Yosemite.

This will require replacement of some existing computers; approximately half their computers cannot be upgraded to Yosemite.


For the new machines, they will have to transfer user data to the new machines, install updated apps, etc.


They will need to have both FileMaker 11 and FileMaker 13 installed.


They will need to continue all operations in FileMaker 11, connecting to their server that is running FileMaker 11 Server.


Then; once we are sure everything is ready; they will need to cease using FileMaker 11, begin using FileMaker 13, and connect to the (different) server that is running FileMaker 13 server.


Though FileMaker 11 is "not supported" on Mavericks or Yosemite; does anybody know of actual show stoppers?