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Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.0.4 Update Error

Question asked by wcbourdeau on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by databuzz

When trying to update from Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.0.3 to 13.0.4 I received the attached errors. It seems like Filemaker could not uninstall the last version of (13.0.3) the product. I then tried to unistall filemaker from the programs and features control panel (which would not uninstall) and from the uninstall .exe file in the Filemaker folder (also would not unistall) so that I could reinstall from scratch.


Has anyone else come across this issue before? Is there a way to manually unistall filemaker from the machine. Currently in the control panel Programs and Features it lists two versions of Filemaker (13.0.3 and 13.0.4) but I can't modify or uninstall either.


Thanks for your help,


Will Bourdeau