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Import Folder now can't see network

Question asked by RossHurley on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by wimdecorte

Hi all,


FMP11 on Windows. A script step using the Import Records > Folder step which has worked for several years has suddenly stopped working. Clicking the Select button now no longer shows the network locations or attached drives on the user's PC. All it shows is her computer. The same happens with using File > Import Records > Folder direct. But it all shows in Windows Explorer and iTunes - it appears to be just FileMaker. Whether it's a contributing factor or not, the user was away for a year and someone else was doing her job, and he liked 'changing things'. I can't see what he could have changed as he only had a basic privilege set which didn't allow any design access. Perhaps he fiddled with her PC settings..


It's a small peer-to-peer steup and I checked the host PC and Sharing > Network is on and all the approapriate files are set for all user access. I tested it by putting their file onto my PC in my office and File > Import Records > Folder works fine - it sees all networked/attached drives. I've searched archives and can't see that this has been addressed before, so I'm looking for others' advice. Is it something simple I've missed, or is there some setting which may have been changed, only affecting FileMaker?



Ross Hurley