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    FMP Adv 13.04 updater fails


      The updater fails on the site license FMPA installs. My personal copy updated fine. Two machines at work, I've installed the update to are failing with the attached message.

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          Does this help...




          We are well aware of this issue and are looking into a better fix going forward.


          Steve Romig

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks Steve.  I'm sure you'll fix the issue.



            Anyone else reading can see the fix here:

            FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 Updater failing to install under Windows

            Answer ID: 14111 Last Updated: Dec 02, 2014 11:33 AM PST

            • FileMaker Pro
            •    13.x
            • FileMaker Pro Advanced
            •    13.x

              When running the FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 updater, you may receive an error message that the "FileMaker Pro 13.msi" or "FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced.msi" is not valid.  This error message will occur under the following two conditions: 

            1. FileMaker Pro 13 was updated from v1 to v2 to v3, or from v1 to v2.
            2. The FileMaker Pro 13.0v2 Updater folder was removed from the computer.
              In order to make the installation work properly, follow these steps: 
            1. Download an instance of the FileMaker Pro 13.0v2
            2. Run / Decompress the 13.0v2 installer to create the FileMaker Pro 13.0v2 Updater folder and any necessary files contained within the 13.0v2 updater.
            3. When prompted, cancel the installation of the 13.0v2 update but leave the updater files on your hard drive / storage device
            4. Re-run the 13.0v4 installer

            Using this method, the 13.0v4 updater will find the necessary files requires to complete the update to 13.0v4.  Once FileMaker Pro has been updated to 13.0v4, you may delete all the files related to the 13.0v2 updater and 13.0v4 updater from your hard drive / storage device.