This script cannot be found or has been deleted.

Discussion created by wfgclapp on Dec 3, 2014
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This error sounds pretty self-explanatory but I sure can't figure out why I'm getting it.


I don't expect anyone will be able to tell me EXACTLY why I'm getting it but I'm hoping someone will be able to suggest a general reason this error shows up to be able to point me in the right direction.


Here's info I know:

1. I have a file containing both iPad and iPhone layouts.

2. Both types of layouts use the same scripts. Both layout types are build to essentially 'do' the same thing, just at different screen sizes.

3. Navigating through the iPad layouts does NOT produce this error.

4. Each touch of a navigation button on any iPhone layout produces this error.

5. The error does not stop any navigation at all. In other words, the error comes up, I tap 'Ok', and the screen navigates to the next places as it was supposed to.

6. This is a hosted solution on FM Server 13 and I'm consuming the file on Go. iPad and iPhone.

7. Again, this is only happening when I navigate through the iPhone sized layouts. So there's obviously something common here but I can't put my finger on it.


Here are a couple of things I messed with before seeing the error:

1. I created a startup script to load an initial layout, depending on whether iPad or iPhone being used. I set it as a script trigger OnFirstWindowOpen in File Options.This script works but I've since removed it in case it was the source of the error, but I'm still getting the error.

2. I had copied a script to make an iPhone version of it.


This feels very simple but I sure can't figure it out. I've rebooted devices, etc.


Any thoughts anyone?