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    Excessive Refresh in filemaker web direct


      I have using Filemaker Server 13 and designed my databases in Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced.


      While connecting to the server through web direct through the internet , I am getting excessive refresh screens .


      When I tab from field to field or go from record to record, it stops to refresh for about 10 seconds with around 5 distinct refresh operations where I see the little circle thing while the screen goes grey.

      Same thing happens when I click anywhere on screen and aso while entering data into portals .


      This occurs only on the internet . Web direct on our LAN (intranet) works perfectly fine .


      Please help ...






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          By refresh, do you mean you get a spinning icon? If so, then latency is probably at play. 


          Also, how many objects do you have on your layout?  Lots of drop downs?  Popovers?  Tool tips?  Conditional Formatting? How many TO's and relationships are used by this layout?  What security restictions are used by the Priv. Set in questions?   


          Is this Form or List View? 


          There are lots of areas to look at here. 



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            Is your FMS install up to date with the latest version?


            What type of uplink do you have with your ISP?


            What are your server specifications?


            Screenshot of the layout in question?

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              thank you for your reply Alan,


              yes spinning icon is what i mean


              The layout in question  has around  15 objects ( also 1 portal with 2 drop downs and 4 regular fields ) 

              No popevers  or tool tips or conditional formatting.

              This layout uses a single  one to many relationship .

              There are no security restrictions , I have Full Access rights .

              This a form view

              Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 7.55.22 pm.png


              But the problem i stated above happens even in layouts where there are just 2 or three simple fields.



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                Thank you for your reply Mike ,


                I have the latest version of FMS 13.05


                The server I am using is  Mac Mini  with OS X Yosemite 10.10

                4th Gen i7 , 16GB RAM , 1TB Fusion HDD


                My uplink to the ISP is  slow ( Just a regular home broadband connection )    ( I can apply for higher bandwith if that will help )


                Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 7.55.22 pm.png



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                  What you’ve described seems to me like a throughput issue. Your network is probably choking on the data that’s being sent out through your home internet connection. What does speedtest.net say your upload speed is? Chances are you’ll already require an upgraded internet connection to get a static IP address for your server.


                  I would install a network packet monitor like wireshark to see how much outbound bandwidth your server is using. You’d have one or two options pending your results:


                    1.  Upgrade your internet so you have a faster uplink.

                    2.  Switch to a hosting provider that is already on an ISP designed for serving. triple8 has a free trial that might be good for your testing purposes.


                  Remember, you’re serving an entire web application, NOT just a website. WebDirect has a ~5mb package that’s served initially to the user, then it has to compile and send screen refreshes on every update interaction. If your network is choking on these actions I’d expect to see the behavior you describe. Your LAN speed is practically unlimited in outbound throughput, your transition to WAN is definitely the #1 suspect here.

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                    Thank you Mike,


                    I have uploaded the file to triple8 and the problem seems to be solved. It is not superfast but  It will serve the purpose.


                    I just wanted to mention that on my current server the FIlemaker Go and Filemaker Go (Remote Access) are working perfectly fine  despite the slow uplink to the ISP. It was just webdirect which was giving trouble.


                    I will see I what I can do about your other suggestions and get back ..




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                      Great starting point for optimization and i consider it a must watch item for any WD deployment. I'm not affiliated in any way with RCC.



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                        You're using a rounded theme, which are not really good for webdirect. Try duplicating your layout, swapping themes with something like "sophisticated" and see if that improved performance.


                        I would also nix the portal in favor of going to a related list view, I try and avoid portals in webdirect unless absolutely necessary. Basically turn all your tabs into separate layouts instead of all in one layout. This might also be a good time to make an entirely separate set of layouts for a WebDirect interface, that way you can optimize and control exactly what's sent to WebDirect, instead of trying to accommodate filemaker pro and webdirect on the same layout.


                        I'd assume that entire row of "totals" are summary fields, those could be causing a bigger performance hit than you realize as well, especially considering all those will most likely update after every change/tab action you make in the portal above. Also, switching to merge text instead of full fields for those values (assuming users can't change them) is another easy performance gain, (it takes a lot less to render text than a full field object).


                        Watch the video coherentkris posted, it is a good start towards optimizing, and I think that's good to start in minimizing your refresh requirements.


                        Remember every time something on the screen changes in WD, it has to request an updated view from the server and redraw, so you want to keep the number of objects on your layouts down to the bare minimum.

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                          Thanks Mike;


                          I am a working on the layouts to maket changes you susggested and also the ones in the video . I am already seeing much better results with the triple 8 server. 


                          Will keep you updated .




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                            Hi! Mike,

                            One question that comes to my mind is that once I make  dedicated layouts optimized  for web direct how  will filemaker load only those layouts ? Can I configure it to load only those layouts when the databases opened through web direct ?  

                            It should detect that the client is webdirect and load only these layouts .


                            Thanks again ,




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                              Write your own navigation, so only those layouts are accessible to one another. Then in your OnFirstWindowOpen script (file menu > file options > triggers), set it to go to the web direct home screen if get(system platform) = 4



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                                Thank  you Mike

                                That was really helpful



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                                  • Changed the them to Sophisticated,
                                  • Made WebDIrect specific layouts
                                  • Changed to a faster internet connection for the server and client


                                  It is working much better and very less time to load ! Hardly any spinning icons ...


                                  Thanks a lot