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    Date format error


      I have 2 fields :- 1 . Date1 = auto enter creation date , 2. Auto enter calculation - Get(CurrentDate)


      In debugger , when i am creating creating a record,


      Date1 = 12-04-2014

      Date2= 12/04/2014


      Always use current system's settings is on.




      I want to change the Date1 format to Date2.






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          File is hosted on server

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            in Layout Mode,  click on each date field,  and look for the date format in the Inspector




            > I want to change the Date1 format to Date2.

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              This is nothing to do with the layout formatting ,as i am telling about seeing data in DATA VIEWER

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                That is odd. it seems Creation Date will use the Date Format in your OS





                > This is nothing to do with the layout formatting

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                  the system has a setting of 12/4/2014

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                    Hi jibardhan,


                    In your case I would save a clone of the file on the computer where the system setting is what you want (12/4/2014).


                    Check to see how that clone behaves.


                    Most probably, the file was created on a system with the setting 12-04-2014. But the Get(CurrentDate) apparently takes the system format.


                    If this is the case, you need to create the clone, then import all data from the old version.


                    Hope this helps,



                    Stefan Schutt, Mouse Up, Finland



                    jibardhan <noreply@filemaker.com> kirjoitti 4.12.2014 kello 12.44:



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                    the system has a setting of 12/4/2014


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                      just out of curiosity,  I edited my  United States  setting,  so that dates use dashes,  making it "Custom"  ( Mac OS )


                      I then created a file,  and set my system back to  "United States"


                      1.  opening this file,  I get no warning of the "custom" setting,  even though the file Options are set to "Warn" ( interesting )


                      2.  I now have the opposite of you:   Creation Date is slashed ( the restored current system setting ), and  Get current date is dashed  ( the file's "custom" setting )




                      > Date1 = 12-04-2014

                         Date2= 12/04/2014

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                        Thanks Stefan , for time and reply.


                        I have read about this stuff "making a clone and importing data"  in some blogs earlier.


                        Is there any other time saving methods to rectify the date format ??




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                          Just wait til you start trying to find and sort based on dates saved in different formats. I'd love to understand how this is being done under the hood, but from what I can tell, it's just chaos, and dates are not saved in any kind of standard format within the database, but in whatever format any given system uses. FMP does its best to coerce between formats, but it gets dicey when going to and from strings, which is hard to avoid when doing Perform Find.


                          FWIW, I keep my system formats set to the ISO date and time representation formats: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. It seems to stick with the file when I upload it to the server, so at least anything I make going forward will be in something resembling a consistent standard.


                          Now if the whole world would adopt ISO standard date and time format, this would never be an issue. Instead we have maddening inconsistency and ambiguity in every corner of society and for all time. Good luck.

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                            Thanks all .... the only remedy that i have found as of now is of creating clone DB and import

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                              I think you are focusing up on how the date is viewed.  Technically and for calculation purposes, FileMaker stores the date as the number of days since 1/1/0001 (m/d/yyyy).  It remembers how you input the field, but uses the number for everything else.  So when in a layout and if you set formatting, it will use the number version of the date to determine how the formatting will look in a date field on a layout.  And it uses the number for any calculations. 


                              If in dataviewer you just want to see it formatted differently, then simply Substitute ( Date ; "-" ; "/" ).  But in DataViewer, what it will want is either a date field or something formatted by the Date function of Date ( mm ; dd ; yyyy ). 


                              It does make me wonder what the format of the field is that you are auto entering the date.  Is it a date field?  Or could it be a text field?  That could throw things off.