Cannot see hosted files after Win7 update (FMv11)

Discussion created by woytovich on Dec 4, 2014
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A client is rolling out a new Windows 7 image to all of their users computers (a large multinational corporation, and their IT department barely recognizes/supports FileMaker) and once installed a fresh install of Filemaker Pro 11 cannot "see" hosted files. Other, un-updated users work fine. Earlier roll outs of Win7 have not caused a problem.


We have tried/done/addressed:

Firewall off

Firewall on with port 5003 open

Bonjour installed, New iTunes installed to get a newer version of Bonjour

"server.pem" date slight of hand thingy

Disable WiFi so only wired network is enabled

Endpoint disabled

IPv4/IPv6 issue


It is clearly something in the new image that is causing this, either during the install - killing something that would be needed to make the connection, or during use. Otherwise FMP11 runs fine on the client machine. I am unable to get IT to tell me what is differnt in this image vs the last....


Any thoughts/ideas/help would be appreciated.