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    Cannot see hosted files after Win7 update (FMv11)


      A client is rolling out a new Windows 7 image to all of their users computers (a large multinational corporation, and their IT department barely recognizes/supports FileMaker) and once installed a fresh install of Filemaker Pro 11 cannot "see" hosted files. Other, un-updated users work fine. Earlier roll outs of Win7 have not caused a problem.


      We have tried/done/addressed:

      Firewall off

      Firewall on with port 5003 open

      Bonjour installed, New iTunes installed to get a newer version of Bonjour

      "server.pem" date slight of hand thingy

      Disable WiFi so only wired network is enabled

      Endpoint disabled

      IPv4/IPv6 issue


      It is clearly something in the new image that is causing this, either during the install - killing something that would be needed to make the connection, or during use. Otherwise FMP11 runs fine on the client machine. I am unable to get IT to tell me what is differnt in this image vs the last....


      Any thoughts/ideas/help would be appreciated.



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          can you ping test the FM server and get a result?


          the server.pem thing is replacing that file from a known working machine after comparing and finding a different file size on the bad machine, was that what you did?


          FM11 is 4.5 years old now and FM announced that they are discontinuing licensing and support for it soon. You should start an upgrade plan to keep with current versions which work better on modern OS's.

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            1. I am ready to upgrade, but the corporate machine is not, yet.... maybe this will help push them in that direction.


            2. No, we simply did the suggested "date shuffle" with the goal of getting the "server.pem" file to be correct.


            But we now have a solution!


            It appears that the server.pem file was not getting created at all. When a server.pem file was placed MANUALLY into the FileMaker 11 folder things worked fine. Something (permissions?) was blocking...

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              FileMaker's announcement of deprecating support for FileMaker 11 was made on December 2nd (just 2 days ago) and says all support will end on September 25, 2015.  While 2 versions back often doesn't seem old for programs, in this case it really is because of the drastic file format change when going from 11 to 12.  The whole server was re-written in 64 bit and security was redone, not to mention all of the User Interface changes.  If nothing else but for security reasons, I would be pushing hard to upgrade.  Best of luck and glad to see you figured out the pem file.