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Creating a report based on sum() per period

Question asked by planteg on Dec 4, 2014
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I understand that the title may not be too clear, I couldn't find a better one.


This is for a system that tracks time entries from employees. The table has these columns:


  • Employee
  • Date
  • Hours worked
  • Customer
  • Project


For the report, the user enters two dates that are automatically adjusted for a Sunday as the beginning and a Saturday for the end. The period may span one more weeks.


What I need to do is for each week in the period, get for each customer the number of hours worked for a specific project. And this is where my head bangs on the desk. I don't see how I can do simple calculations using calculated fields or summary fields on the table.


I don't see how I can realize that report without generating a temporary table. This is a way I don't like to go. Which way is the best to realize that report ? I hope I am clear enough.


I just had a thought: I could add a calculated field which would be set to the Sunday a specific entry is attached, this way defining a specific Week. Then the report would get sub-summary totals per Week and per customer. Could that work ?