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    Installing FileMaker Server on a server with a website


      Hello all! I'm new to FileMaker. I have a prospective client looking for a website with possible FileMaker integration. I believe FileMaker Server is the best solution for this, but in reviewing installation instructions, I found that FileMaker Server does not allow a website installed on the same server to use port 80.


      Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this going to pose a problem for me?


      Any guidance is appreciated!


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          First of all.. only one service or application can use a port at a time no matter what computer or operating system you are talking about. 


          If you're on a Mac, then FileMaker Server is not compatible with Mac OS X Server's implementation of Web Services in Apache.  If you really are an Apache and Unix guru, you can make it work.  But the Server Admin Console and FileMaker Admin will not configure and work together.  FileMaker takes over the Apache instance on a Mac and controls it on its own without sharing web services of other web pages.  This used to not be so before FileMaker 13 came out and it is part of the programming needed to implement Web Direct. 


          If you are on Windows, then FileMaker uses IIS and you can configure multiple web sites to work on it.  But I've found you had to first install FileMaker Server and let it set up its web instance and then you add the other web sites. 


          If you use FileMaker for WebDirect, it will only allow you to use port 80.  You can configure other web sites to use other ports, but that is pretty rare stuff.  Most people set up virtual domains on a server that point the domains to the folder of the appropriate domain that was typed in.  Using non-standard ports is usually only used to configure an OS service.  One good example is configuring the FileMaker Server and that is done on port 16000. 


          FileMaker Inc says it does not support FileMaker if you have any other services running on the server.  So if you run into technical issues and you're running other web sites or any other service (e.g., mail, dns, ftp, file sharing, etc.), they won't help you until you get rid of everything.  For this reason alone, I recommend you set up FileMaker on its own machine.  You can run WebDirect on the same machine, but for even better performance, run it on a 2nd machine.  And that second machine will be able to support virtual domains, etc.  It won't have any limitations like when its comingled with FileMaker Server.

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            I setup a FM server 13 on a new Mac Mini. I run standard test and I can connect with no problem from my local network. I found an article about configuring ports and I was able to forward port 5003 from my router to my server. However I can't get it to work from outside my network. See article:

            How to Setup FileMaker Server for Remote Access | HomeBase Software


            Does anyone have any experience to help me with this?


            note: These are the instructions I followed. I also tried using no-ip client (http://www.noip.com/) and the client works but FM go clients gives the error :" The file "invoices.fmp12" could not opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host.


            The files FM_Starting_point_3.fmp12, invoices.fmp12 and FMServer_Sample.fmp12 etc. are enable on server with normal status and with GO/PRO checked.


            Any help will be appreciated.


            Thank you,


            Oscar S.

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              Oscar, please make your own thread next time for your question. You've "hijacked" this thread with your question. This can cause confusion for people that have issues similar to ajpinto (original poster) when they are trying to find solutions.


              It sounds like your external DNS is still having issues. noip might work, but a static IP purchased through your internet service provider is almost always a better option.

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                I'm sorry. I did not intent to cause confusion. Will follow your advised. Thank you.