Interactively change a reports sub-summary grouping field

Discussion created by yahbai on Dec 3, 2014
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Hi all,


I've got a DB with a bunch of expenses in it with various expense related fields (who submitted, category, status, ...)


I'd like to write a report layout for them, and would like to be able to group the report into sub-reports based on a variety of different fields, and have the user be able to select which grouping to apply (by status, by category, by ...) by clicking a button, dropdown, whatever.


I was wondering can I do this by creating a single report layout, and then scripting the report to change which field to group the sub-reports on (with resorting as required?). So this would be the same as changing the Layout->Part setup via menus.


...or is the best approach to just create X different report layouts, with the sub-reports already grouped by the X fields I want?


I'd rather do it in a single layout and script the changes of course...!



PS I found the layout->part setup menu item to do this, but I did a quick search for how to script this, but haven't found it yet. ...can someone point me what the right script commands/sets are to do that?