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Corruption?  FileMaker 12 V3 says file is good,  FileMaker 12 v5 and 13 v4 say its bad?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Dec 5, 2014
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Why does FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.v3 say a file is good and Pro Advanced 12.v5 say there are issues with the same file?


Here is the reason I'm asking the question: One of my clients had their FMS server reboot last night. So I took a copy of the active databases and ran recover on the copies. Three of the files came up with issues. So I started going to earlier backups of the files and the corruption was still there.


This morning I went back to my old Notebook that was used to convert these files from .tp7 to .fmp12. This notebook doesn't have 13 and is still on FileMaker Pro Advanced 12v3. I made copies of the converted files and ran recover on them using 12v3 and they came up clean. I made a new set of copies and moved these to my current system with Pro Advanced 12.v5 and 13 v4. I ran recover on the files with these versions and it found problems.