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LAN freeze . . WAN no-freeze (?)

Question asked by user10625 on Dec 4, 2014
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Hi all,




For almost a year now, a large system I work on has had these intermittent server freezes--average of about 1 per week (sometimes twice a week, other times nothing for several weeks).


We are on FMS13 . . .(Windows Server 2008) . . it's been happening from v1-v4 (or whatever the latest is . . . I just upgraded a week ago). It started happening a few weeks after the FMS13 upgrade, though that may have been a coincidence. They are "freezes" . . . everyone in the office's FMP just stops and they get a coffee cup / spinning wheel, and I have to re-start the server. The Elapsed Time goes off the charts on the server logs. Most users are on Windows 7, although we 2 developers use MACs as well as Windows . .the MACs both freeze up as well.


We've so far not been able to find a source for the problem or a solution. Our server is pretty beefy (quad-core, terabyte of disk space in RAID 10, 24G of RAM---the total database size (split mostly between 2 files) is something like 12G); and I've made sure Virus stuff is turned off. There are other services on the machine like MOZY for offline backups of the backups, and I think we also use EVAULT for the same---both of which run late at night. So I do not think there is anything out of the ordinary or misbehaving on this machine. User count is usually around 30 or so. However, these freezes have occurred sometimes at 6PM, when only 10 people are on, so I dont' think it's a load issue. I thought at one point it had something to do with ESS . . we have an SQL system that we sync to every 20 minutes … . .but I do not think it is that, either.





So this morning, it happened again.


I was logged in directly on my MAC from my home office . . in other words, the WAN. I was also logged in on the LAN, via a terminal server /RDP setup.


So the freeze happened, and my LAN connection froze inside the termserv , as per usual.


But my WAN connection did NOT freeze. . . . for several minutes (before I had to re-start so folks could get back to work), I was able to navigate around, invoke some of the more complex scripts, and so on and everything worked fine. (a little slower because it was a WAN connection.) There was no sign that the WAN connection was going to die or freeze up.


(I didn't think to log into the server, and open the files directly on there (through Open Remote of course)--that would have been a good thing to test.)


So the question is . . . can anyone think of a reason why a LAN connection would freeze up, but a WAN connection would not?



Christopher Bailey