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FM 13 Server duplicate license error

Question asked by gziemann on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2014 by mardikennedy

I just installed FM 13 Server yesterday. Added one database. At the end of the day, I shut down the server and the machine. Today, I restarted the machine. Server restarted but it's giving the following error message in the log:


Another copy of FileMaker Server (Z’s MacBook Air []) is already running with this license. This copy of FileMaker Server will not open any databases, but will allow updating the license key in the Admin Console.


Using a Mac with Yosemite. Server version is 13.0.5, so it's already got the Yosemite update. There is no one else on my network. The machine it refers to in the error message (Z's MacBook Air) is my machine.