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    Relookup when printing


      Hello. I'm new to FileMaker, I hope you guys can help me with a problem. My companies database have a button with a script to print an estimate layout. Yesterday, it suddenly started to do a relookup of 4000 records before printing. There is no relookup added on the script or has the script been modified.


      I checked the backup database and the print button did not perform relookup before proceeding to print. I copied and pasted the script to the current database in hoping it would resolve the issue. No luck.


      Can someone help me determine the cause of the relookup?


      Thank you.

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          Stephen Huston

          Relookups are triggered when a primary key field in a relationship is entered, modified, or "set". Check that your print script isn't setting any field values which might trigger lookups.


          There is also a script step named "Relookup Field Contents". If that got accidentally added to a print script, there you go....

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            Thank you Stephen for your response. I'm looking at the script and do not see a "relookup" step.  Here is a screenshot of the script. Please let me know if anything in the script will trigger a relookup.  Thank you so much for your help.



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              in the first step,  if RefenceExh is Empty, it gets set.  Is this field used in any Relationship, or Lookup ?


              you also need to look at the two sub scripts,  e.g. Perform Script [  ]




              > Please let me know if anything in the script will trigger a relookup

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                Further to Greg's post, I notice there are two Set Field steps in the script shown. Either of those could trigger a relookup if the step is performed in Browse mode. The first thing I would suggest checking on is the purpose of those steps. If, for example, the purpose is to select records to be printed then you are missing an Enter Find Mode step preceding it. Overall, I would not expect a script dedicated to printing to be modifying data.

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                  Thank you all for the help and guidance. It was a slow process figuring out the steps. I did locate two scripts that had relookup steps in it.  Once I disabled relookup, the script ran smoothly and quickly.