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Finding Records Using a Concatenated Text Field

Question asked by eqitec on Dec 7, 2014
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I need to find records via selection from a value list for a calculated (indexed)
text field derived by the following concatenation of 3 fields:


Field 1: Date (originally formatted as date)
Field 2: Location (originally formatted as text)
Field 3: Event# (originanally formatted as numeric)


The calculated text field is shown below:


GetAsText(Date) & "-" & Location & "-" & GetAsText(Event#)


Here's an example of one such record: "12/7/2014-NJ-1"


The script to find any one such record works fine via selection from a value list for the
concatenated field except for when finding records with an event # = a single digit,
when there are other higher event #s with that same single digit as one character of the
higher number.


For example, when trying to find 12/7/2014-NJ-1, the process finds both that record
and another record 12/7/2014-NJ-10.


How can I reorganize this such that the find routine obtains only record #1 and excludes record