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    Fading font colors with WD?


      Tha attachment shows a Layout using the "Enlightened" Theme as rendered by W (top) and by FMP13 (bottom)


      Does "enlightened" mean that font colors are lightened with WD?


      (The thee was used as is, no conditional formatting used)



      Untitled 21.png

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          No, the name has nothing to do with it, it just means that whatever CSS class that text is inheriting is causing it to show light grey.


          I'm not sure why you're using button formatting for your rows in a portal, try just placing plain text in there and see what it does.


          Note that the "X" button, as well as your dashboard button, have black text just fine.


          Use the inspector to troubleshoot, try removing any styling from the objects to revert to the base theme style, chances are you have some custom styling that is overwriting it.

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            Not using button formatting -- fields in front of button. (this may need sateos to make th bitton fire in WD, but that is not my issue here


            Text color on buttons is fine, it is just in fields that it changes.


            As said the first post, there is NO supplemental styling added to the base theme, and even if there was, why would it appear differently in WD?