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Update file references of container field

Question asked by haseebiqbal on Dec 7, 2014
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My question is about moving files that are linked in a container field.

Our company has recently restaructued shared network drives.

I have moved all of the linked.pdf or linkd.doc files to new folder structure, the link in the container field still points to the old location.


I have created a Calculted Text field to retrieve the patch using

GetAsText ( Document container)


i.e. filewin:/G:/XXXX Syd/ARCHIVE/XXXX SHARED/XXXX ONLINE/XXXXXXscreen/XXX Clearances/Correspondence with rightsholders/XXXXXXX16102012.pdf


Is there a way to update the container link(Reference) to the new folder location?

Should be replaced with newer path, file name(pdf/doc) files remain same.




FileMaker Server 10 (Windows)

FileMaker Client 11 (Windows 7)