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AppleScript and FileMaker - Trying to open a previously hosted file

Question asked by jnardozza on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by user19752

Hello all,


Recently I have been working on an automated update procedure using AppleScript. I've run into an issue which I cannot find a way around. When opening a FileMaker database which has previously been uploaded to FileMaker Server I am encountering the following dialog:


This file has previously been uploaded to FileMaker Server.


the two options for this dialog are: Open Local Version | Use Hosted Version


The issue here is that this dialog is encountered during an "open file" command in applescript. The command does not terminate until an input is received from the dialog, which means that I cannot test for its existence and select the appropriate option.


I was hoping there would be a way to either open FileMaker via command line with arguments that would suppress this dialog, or a way to specify via AppleScript which option to choose, but my efforts have not turned up any information. If anyone has any ideas for a workaround they would be greatly appreciated.



- Jason