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    FMS very hard crash.


      So the server was acting funny again and proceeded to shut down and restart.


      Got the OSX white screen. Finally got it restarted using the boot utility.


      All hardware checks out. The big issue is my external backup and progressive backup USB drives are toast. Not even recognizable in any other computer. I can't even format them if I wanted because the disk utility can't see them. It's like I plugged in nothing at all.


      The back up on the SSD is still there so I will go about trying to recover that.


      What in The world would cause this bad of a crash? I am very upset that two external backups are dead. I can deal with a crash but not wiped out backups.

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          Looking at the crash log all the FMS processes crashed along with a diskarbitrationd failure.

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            SSD - SSDs “die” fail very differently than hard disks….

            What kind?


            The USB drive …. they are a kind of solid state memory….


            What kind of Mac and do you have full sinc wave UPS to weather power conditions?


            Need some more details….

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              Any possibility of a voltage spike?

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                It's possible but very unlikely as there is protection for that. Maybe that means impossible. I read that OS X has a history of dragging USB drives in Mavericks and Yosemite. 


                I will be pushing on with the fix. Hopefully I can salvage the one and only last backup. I guess I need to look into an even better backup system. I have not yet figured out how to get a backup on an external drive on another machine.

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                  One needs a two stage backup. Backup to local disk THEN back those file up to external server…… highly recommend CrashPlan —— not the free version….



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                    I never imagined three independent local disks would go bad all at once.


                    Still working in the cause. Reinstalling OSX right now.

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                      Turns out it is some sort of OSX problem where the OS does not properly unmount the drives during shutdown. I reinstalled 10.9.2 and all seems to be good with the internal drives now. The USB drives are dead. Cannot format or partition in disk utility or via command line. Tried a format on a windows machine and same thing. I heard that a Linux machine may be able to force a new partition and format, but I do not have access to one. I will just have to buy new USB raid drives for the moment and look at good Thunderbolt raid solutions in the near future.


                      I was able to copy all of the backups from the internal drive to a different machine and all is good and the DB is running well so far as I can tell.


                      That was scary. There is a paper backup system but restoring that to FM is not somehting I want to do, but it is there in case of emergency.


                      Apple blames the drives and the drive manufacturers blame Apple. Nevertheless it is a known issue with Mavericks and Yosemite. Hope this helps someone in the future. Beware of USB drives for important data on OSX.

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                        Hi BigTom,


                        Earlier this year we had a series of power outages and after one, our FM server box, a 4,1 MacPro running OS X 10.9 refused to boot. Next morning, however, it did and as I had it running from a UPS I'd thought it would have been protected from a power surge. That turned out to be untrue as I later learned that only a few brands of UPS have well implemented surge protection circuitry, and mine was not one of 'em.


                        We subsequently had that MacPro bench tested at the local Apple dealership, where it failed to show any symptoms from its earlier hiccup. I therefore concluded that some circuitry in the PSU must have been tripped by a Voltage spike, then reset itself overnight.


                        Is my deduction correct? I've not seen it refuted, nor confirmed!





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                          There are two computers a modem and a router that run off the same power supply. The other things are just fine. This is really an issue of FMS not being stable and needing to be rebooted and at the same time OSX deciding it did not want to unmount the volumes properly on shutdown. Bad part is that now my container thumbnail generation crashes are back in full force. Filemaker is great but it sure needs a lot of maintenance. Kind of like a Porsche in that way. Filemaker...the Porsche of databases..ha!

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                            I would not conclude from your single case to in general that FileMaker Server needs a lot of maintenance nor would i state that about Porsche.

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                              bigtom wrote:


                              The big issue is my external backup and progressive backup USB drives are toast


                              I think that is a very fragile setup, assuming that you have FMS configured to use those USB drives directly.

                              Let FMS back up to the internal hard drive and use OS-level scripting to copy to the USB drives.

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                                Wim, You may be correct about that. But, in this case that would not have save the drives since it was an OS issue with the drives and not FM. Is there any resource on good OS scripting to move the backup files. It might be a good idea to mount the drive move the backup and then un mount via OS script so this cannot happen again. I would prefer to send the backups to another computer but have no experience doing that via scripting.

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                                  I draw the conclusion from my case and the fact that there are a number of people that report issues with Filemaker Server and deal with support that recommends simply reboot the server to make things better. Filemaker Server is not maintenance free. Certainly I have been stuck with an image heavy solution and Filemaker Server had a serious container thumbnail generation issue that has yet to be completely resolved. That leads me to have a number of crashes I do not want. The crashes cause other problems in the DB.


                                  If you have ever owned and really driven or raced a 993 or earlier you should agree with me on the Porsche maintenance compared to other manufacturers. These days the 911 is holding together just fine with limited maintnance compared to the older models.

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                                    I am getting a lot of SSH errors in the console now. I guess somehting about my certificates needs fixing.

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