Hosted database growing abnormal

Discussion created by schiang on Dec 8, 2014
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The dataabse size, 2.2GB. that's far beyong my expectation. So I downloaded and checked the file, and found:


#1. I deleted all records for each table. The size dropped to 1.3GB (checked global container fields as well);

#2. I used Filemaker Pro Advanced, V13 to recover the file, and I found a big chunk of recovered library table created. the size dropped to

~9MB after I deleted the recovered library table.

#3. the recovered summary , looks just fine. I don't see any abnormal. See attached.


Few more info:

1. As I know, I haven't seen any crash of this dataabse.

2. It's quick often that I upload/delete files into/out the containers.


PS: kind wondering whether the deleted files( from containers), were actually still within the database since it is still hosted,

and ..... that's why I see the big chunk of recovered library database.....just guessing.



Host Server: Filemaker Server Ver12


Any comments , Thanks in advance.