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Creating a global with full record details including field names

Question asked by andyk3005 on Dec 9, 2014
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I am new to FileMaker and I am considering using it to develop and replace legacy 4GL systems built for a number of clients over the last twenty years. The product seems ideal in many respects for fast prototyping and development, however I am having some trouble with the fact that scripts and functions appear to have different techniques for addressing programmatic issues.


For example;

I want a global variable to represent the content of a specific table record and I would wish it to be general to all tables. It would be preferable to set it up as a function.


Table with Field1 and Field2


Required output

$$Table =

“NameField1; Content1

NameField2; Content2”


Procedurally I would expect to


In a script:

Address Table

Find required record

Address first field

Set variable to run function


In function:


Write to variable:

Get(ActiveFieldName) & “;” & Get(ActiveFieldContents) & <CR>

Goto NextField at end of file exit.



Any tips to address this or similar issues would be appreciated.