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    FM 13 Popover and Lists


      My membership program utilized a portal (Proficiency) on a Membership layout.

      To on the Proficiency portal I have a 'conditional value list' that works great.


      So, to faciliate data entry I decided to add a Popover. To that end I created the gGlobal variables

      to collect the input data and then replaced the data in the portal with the gGlobal field value. This works.


      But, I need to have a working 'Conditional Value List' on the portal. I can't use the same fields I use in the

      portal. And I can't use global fields... (I get this message) and I can't use the portal fields.



      What's the 'trick' here? What am I overlooking?



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          Oops... I accidentally hit return before I finished editing my post.


          I should have said "I need to have 'conditional value lists' on my POPOVER.  The lists on the portal work great.


          The popover works as long as I don't try and make the Degree field or the Role field gGlobal fields.

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            I think perhaps you need the conditional to either refer to the original field... which it should do if the popover is on the same record...


            You carry the condition to the popover with a variable...


            - Lyndsay

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              Sorry to be dense, but I don't 'get' what you are saying.  I am probably not being clear.


              On the popover I have these fields:  Proficiency::Date, Proficiency::Degree and Proficiency::Prof

                    or global fields of almost the same name:  gDate, gDegree and gProf


              If I put the global fields on the popover I get the error above.  (And, there is no way to setup a conditional value list using globals)

              If I put the standard fields on the popover, since there is no Set Field in the Submit Script, the portal does not receive the updated, popover fields.


              In either event, I need to have a conditional value list (Like I have on the portal fields) in the popover.


              I tried using $$Prof on the popover but seems to be for display only.


              What am I missing?


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                Here is a better screen shot:

                When I don't use global fields, entry into Degree and Proficiency acts immediately

                changes one of the existing portal rows  (2nd row below)  Using a $variable to capture

                the popover field values and then using Set Field to $variable works. 


                So, the question is:  "What kind of popover field/value am I to use that allows for

                conditional value lists in Degree and Proficiency?"