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Invoice Solution & Sales Tax

Question asked by SteveMartino on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by Stephen Huston

Hi Forum. I am currently trying to add an invoice piece to my DB for my small business. So far so good but I am having a problem with sales tax.

Basically I have the following situations:

1. Some products are taxable (2 different sales tax rates) & some are exempt.

2. Some customers pay tax on all goods/services that are taxable, some customers pay tax on some goods/services, and some customers are exempt on all goods/services (gov't agencies, school districts, churches).

3. There can be an invoice where some of the goods/services are taxable, and some are not, and there can be an invoice where the goods are taxable, but the customer is exempt.


I'm using (what I think) the standard invoice layout/format, with a lines portal looking up the products. It does work the way I have it set up, but when I create a new invoice, the tax rates wont apply until I commit the records. Committing at the start would mean that I would be unable to Revert a record, unless I put a button on the layout that just deletes the record. But then I guess I would have to trap for the last invoice number and reset the invoice number field (which is NOT the primary key).


Sales tax is an attribute of the goods/services (checkbox-Taxable)

Sales tax rates are a separate table with 3 records, PA Sales Tax, Phila Sales Tax, Exempt


I am wondering is this a standard preferable method or is there a better approach?


Any Help or guidance (or criticism) is always appreciated.