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      Quick question- I have a validate script that validates a field when the user leaves the field to ensure its accurately entered. I am trying to make it so if they exit the field and it validates false, it takes them back to the field to edit it. This way, they cant exit that field until it validates correctly, or its empty.


      I am trying to use Go To Field, but it doesnt actually ENTER the field, it just selects it. Is there a function that will take the user inside the field so that they are editing it?


      I have also tried Go to Object.

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          You're  note explaining how you do the validation.  If you have the validation set on the field definition itself, take it off there and add it to the OnValidate event.   That will give you full control.  But the downside is that you have to add it to all the layouts that the users can change the field on.

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            I'm currently using on object exit. Maybe I should use validate and then return false. I forgot about that option until just  now.

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              OnExit fires after OnModify, OnValidate, OnSave... so you need to make sure you understand what each one does and handle what you need handling on the right event.  The price is mayhem


              Event handling carries enormous power and enormous responsibilty....