Could not close database because it is in the wrong state

Discussion created by CICT on Dec 11, 2014

Just in case this can help anyone save the time we've spent on a new Yostemite/FileMaker Server v13.0v5 installation and follow other postings about reentering license keys, the following was posted yesterday:


After 30 years of Mac use, it is one of the few times I've wished I was working on a Windows Server:

No permissions problems

Easy drag in/drag out to replace files (without the above)

Can run and backup the databases from or to any location (without the above again)

Able to use the standard installers and updaters

Not having to faff about downloading full FileMaker Trial installers

Do not have to rename my Mac or my FileMaker Server so that they match for the thing to run!


FileMaker and Apple working in perfect harmony?