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Not your standard OBDC question

Question asked by sportsvenues on Dec 12, 2014
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Filemaker 13 crashes when I install a 32-bit OBDC table.


Here are the deets: I have installed a new DSN. It tests correctly and shows me the tables. I install it on Filemaker 13 Advanced, and it shows me a connection and the tables.


But when I go to the relationships graph and attempt to add the table, Filemaker crashes. The screen goes gray and things stop. I have to do a forced close.


It is the 32-bit driver. I have other OBDC connections in the same database and they are working fine. A check of the registry shows they are all pulling from the same driver.


I'm running Win7, 64-bit.


Everything appears to be correct, so why does Filemaker crash?


Your help greatly appreciated.