PDF printing from Container field

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--On Windows 7, FM 13

--layout with Container field set to "Optimize for Interactive Content (PDF, etc.)"

--insert a PDF

--when we mouse over the PDF we can page through it, etc. Great!

--we can also click on a Print button in there (within the container field, there are an array of Adobe functions we can use.)


When we do so, a print dialogue for Adobe comes up, and, trying to go ahead and print, many of our users experience this:


--a message that adobe has crashed (followed by emptiness in the container field) OR

--none of the buttons in the Adobe print dialogue you need to actually remove the FMP window with the container field, or go to another layout, and then the Adobe print dialogue works.


We have noted that downgrading the copy of Adobe on the particular computer sometimes fixes the issue.




1) Isn't FMP's PDF handler baked in? I know it's licensed from Adobe, but it's in the FM application, right?

2) If so, why are outside apps affecting this at all? Why are we getting messages that some app has crashed when that app is not part of FM?



Christopher Bailey