CWP issue with FileMaker 13 server

Discussion created by darrenburgess on Dec 12, 2014
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I am having an interesting issue with CWP on an FM13 server.

  • I took a current production database and moved it to a new FM13 server.
  • This database is also still hosted on an FMS12 server.
  • Wrote some simple CWP code to connect to the database and peform listLayouts() and newFindAnyCommand()
  • listLayouts() returns a result (array of layouts) when connected to the database on FMS13
  • newFindAllCommand{} returns an empty array when connected to the database on FMS13
  • both methods return a result when connecting to the database on FMS12


So the issue is that when running the code on the database hosted on FMS13, no find results can be returned. This same code works fine when hosted on FMS12.


Here is the code, simplified. Note that I trapped for errors on all lines and found no errors. Keep in mind that this performs as expected in FMS12. Returns layouts but fails to return records in FSM13.




ini_set ('display_errors', true);

$fm = new FileMaker('file_name','fms13.serverURL.com','webuser','passwordWasHere');

$layouts = $fm->listLayouts();


$request = $fm->newFindAnyCommand('layout_name');

$result = $request->execute();

$records = $result->getRecords();




Any ideas what could be causing this?