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    Backup File Names


      I did a search and looked in the admin tool and couldnt find anything about this. Does anyone know what the numbers are after the name of the backup file? See this image:



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          It's the time, in military time . . . translation:  11:05 PM.





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            Ah - interesting. Thanks for the reply. That is what I needed to know.

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              If I may, I have a follow up question.


              I am trying to access a file on my server via a script which is executed on the server.  The script always returns a 102 error, it cant recognize my filepath.


              I have tried every combination I can think of from


              file:///OSX/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups


              to filemac:/OSX/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups


              etc etc,


              always a 102 error, it cant find my file.


              What is the proper way to reference this backup file if I am performing a script on the server?

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                madmike6537 wrote:



                file:///OSX/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups



                Stop right there!  Do not touch your backups in this way (even if it were possible).  This is the same best practice that also says" "don't open a backup file from its backup folder, first copy it to another location and then open it".


                The underlying issue is with the way FMS hard-links files between backup sets.  Opening (and changing) one file in one backup set may actually affect multiple backup sets.

                But more generically, you never want to change a backup.  Opening it runs the risk of changing the data and that renders you backup invalid.  Always make a copy before opening a backup set.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  +1 on wim's comments. Do not touch files in the backup area except to copy them by complete folders to another disk. Backup links is one issue, plus they are not being served, so FM-clients and FM-scripts should not be able to access them for any reason.

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                    Mark Scott wrote:


                    It's the time, in military time . .



                    Or just the time as referenced by most of the other parts of the world that don't use AM and PM notations