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    Shared as read only, need full access


      Just recently started working with file maker, never done anything with it before.


      What I was trying to do was share my database files with the peer to peer sharing option. And I clicked the "specify users button" than I wanted to include my "read only and full access" privileges to my database. I didn't include my full access one by mistake I guess. And now the only way I can log into my database is with the read only account. But I need to have the full access one to be able to update the information.


      Is there anyway to undo this? or anyway to get into the database and add my "full access" in it so I can log back in and update it?

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          The best thing for me I think would be if its possible to change that radial button from "specify users by privilege set" to "all users" if that is possible.  Or if i can just log in and somehow put in a new privilege set.  as of right know i can't manage any privilege sets cause when i log in i am only allowed to log in with a "read only" privilege.

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            Turned off the filemaker services on file maker server


            went into each database locally to chang the privilege accounts


            restarted the services


            log into the database and give the accounts that I want access to it