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    Importing XML using XSL




      Trying to create an xsl for the importing of this xml file. What the customer wants I am unsure if the xsl can translate correctly for FMP to import.


      The 2 pictures are taken from the xml file.


      According to the xml there is only 1 record to be imported based on the Batch_HDR level (BatchHDR.PNG). The xsl here works fine for that, but the customer has come back and want to import the 21 records on the BOM level (BOM.png) along with information from the Batch_HDR level. There is at least one other one in this xml file that needs to be done that way. The next one done is the Sequence level, 6 records should be imported into the same file along with Batch_HDR level info.


      This seems totally backwards to me, but if it is possible any pointers would be helpful!


      Is there a way to do this in the xsl file?





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          When there might be "related" data in the XML source, this often requires multiple imports and thus multiple XSLT (calling the same source). The trick is to get a unique key from the data so that Parent and Child data match once imported into the separate tables.


          Do you have such a unique identifier as you import the main set of data?