WebDirect CAS integration with vaadin to authenticate

Discussion created by benhirsch on Dec 12, 2014

I've (we've) been scouring the boards on how or whether we can link up the vaadin CAS class CasAuthenticatedUI to FMS in order to capture login prior to prompting the user for same. If a user has already signed into our single sign on service to access another internal web service (google, wordpress, etc...) then we want to avoid them having to log in again. We want to go straight to the application with all the privileges afforded that user.


We want to capture the token/username passed by our CAS to FMS and check to see if the person is already authenticated. Vaadin provides a class for that. See: How would we test whether that is availble? What process would we follow in hooking into filemaker server? Anyone with experience in single signon without going through the method of using a light guest client and tying it up in the application. We want to avoid that method. We are also planning on connecting FMS to AD to retrieve group account information. This is for the web front-end using Web Direct.


Seems if FMS 13 is based on or works within the vaadin framework, they would link to standard vaadin classes.


Thanks for your help.