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FileMaker Server 13.0v5 update seems to kill the web server and SSL connection

Question asked by BenGraham on Dec 13, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by psijmons

I recently purchased a new approved thawte 123 SSL that is on the approved FMS ssl list. So that I could follow the recomendations for security running the new v5 update. I am running a OSX Mavericks Mac mini server. I successfuly imported the SSL using the Certificate Import command line creating the serverCustom.pem from the serverRequest.pem and the serverKey.pem. I could see that all was running well on 13.0v4.


When I ran the update there was no connection to the server from WAN only the server admin panel via localhost:16001. Which shows the Web Server is not running, hence PHP is not enabled. I tried editing the depolyment, which gives this error trying to stare web server:

Test web server ( Connection refused

Test web server ( Connection refused


I stopped and started the server with the terminal command.


Still not working.


I then removed FMS , installeld 13.0v1 and got all working again and was able to test and have php working properly. All with the new SSL not the FMI SSL. Looking good.

I proceeded to 13.0v3 upddate. Tested all still okay.

Then 13.0v5 update and I am back where I started. I cannot even reach the domain of the server. So it is somehow killing the connection on ports 80 and 443 which I know it takes over, but it is just not going.


Does anyone have a solution or idea how to resolve this?


I do have the OS X server app running, but have Web Services Off. This has not been an issue since FMS 13 other than I did not have an approved SSL, so I had been using the FMI SSL up to now.