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    FMSA 12 issue


      Had a hard drive crash on my Mac Mini. All of my actual data is on a RAID drive so no harm done and adequate backups of this. I had upgraded to FMS 13 and somehow a snapshot save of my server system was prior to this so rolled back to FMS 12. After restore, all fine except no internet access. Decided since running under Mountain Lion that I would roll forward to Mavericks since this is now old enough bugs should be worked out. Turns out after upgrading OS can no longer purchase server version for Mavericks. -- rolled to Yosemite and upgraded to server version. Somehow, DNS settings were corrupted and once fixed all is well with the server. That's when I discovered FMSA 12 rather than 13. I ran the installer and seems to run fine until it comes to uinstalling - no options appear and locks here - requires force quit (window grab attached). This is usually where I see an option to uninstall. I tried accessing server directly through browser via IP:16000 and receive message that can't reach server. Any ideas? Can't recall where to find server files themselves either to verify it is still there. I think it used to be at root level of drive under FMS with subfolders. I don't see those now so maybe it will be ok to just install FMS 13 but want to be sure FMSA 12 is gone first. I also looked in activity monitor and filtered by FMS and don't see any processes with those letters.


      Thanks for any assistance.

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          The original FMS12 installer has the uninstall option.


          The other thing though is that you upgraded to 10.10 only because you could not buy 10.9 Server.  You don't need OSX server to run FMS and there have been many reports about OSX Server not being compatible with FMS13.  Maybe you missed those.

          So before you waste too much time, roll back to your original snapshot and forgeto about installing OSX Server.

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            This isn't a production setup - just for occasional development. I use the server for other things so its primary use is OS X server. I did use the original FMSA 12 installer to try and delete it - I always keep an archive of old versions for this purpose - I suspect the installer has a compatibility problem with Yosemite. I don't have much invested on the server side setup up so if I can't find another solution, I guess I'll just wipe the server volume and reinstall from scratch. Was hoping to avoid that. I had been running FMS 13 on Mountain Lion Server without problem but admittedly, wasn't pushing it very hard or doing anything very sophisticated. I do recall posts mentioning conflicts with WebDirect in particular and OS X server but I haven't tried WebDirect for anything yet.

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              Default installation use /Library/FileMaker Server, not root level.

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                Thanks for the reference of where to look. I see a folder here but looks empty except for a folder labeled logs that it says I don't have permission to access. In the user folder, there is a filmaker server folder with only one file, uninstall.sh

                Filemaker window.jpg