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Uninstall FM Server 12 in Yosemite

Question asked by johnkerr48 on Dec 13, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2014 by wimdecorte

Something tells me I may have missed the opportunity to do this, but such is life.


I just got Yosemite installed and have done most of the work configuring Server v4.0. Though I can't get to the server from outside my network, I'm pretty sure I should go ahead and install FM Server 13, as I saw a note that it works in Yosemite now.


But do I have to uninstall FM Server 12 first? I can't get the disk image I have in my downloads folder to open up and allow me to do the uninstall the way the Apple Support web site says to do it, so I'm hoping there is another alternative - doing it manually.


Or can i just install FM Server 13 without doing anything? Will it reconize there is another copy running and shut it down before it installs itself.


I haven't done so muh on the server that I couldn't start all over again. I'm pretty new at this but learning quicker than I expected.


Any ideas out there?