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Multiple-windows technique wanted

Question asked by FrankvanderMost on Dec 15, 2014
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Hi all,


I am trying to allow users of my database to open multiple windows with window-specific settings or features. For example a search box to see records in a related table.


The solution that I tried is based on a relationship between say 'table_a' with an unstored-calculation field current_window_name = Get ( WindowName ) on the one side and a table called 'active_windows' with a text-field 'window_name' on the other side. The 'active_windows' table gets a record for each opened window through triggered scripts. Other fields in the 'active_windows' table can then hold settings or do calculations that are specific for the window. (It's designed for a multi-uer environment so the relationship is also based on the Get ( PersistentID ) that seems to work fine )


This does not work well. It appears that sooner or later the value calculated in 'current_window_name' gets propagated to the other open windows which then start accessing the wrong record in the active_windows table.


Other solutions that I tried to come up with all fail because they need the Get ( WindowName ) calcualtion which gives the name of the active window rather than the window in which the result of the calculation is used.


Do you know a solution for this problem?


Do you know of a different technique to store and access window-specific information?


All help is very welcome