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Hi Everyone,


I am having trouble to make my search working,


I have two tables, Dashboard and Product,


In my Dashboard I have a a Global field SEARCH, Product I have A text Field Category FILTER with pop up values


The search field is trigger by a script below (OnObjectSave)




Set Error Capture [On]

Set Variable [Filter; Value:""]

Set Field [Product::Category Filter; ""]

Freeze window

Perform Quick Fine [Dashboard::Search]

If[Get (LastError) = 0

Halt Script

Else If [Get (LAstError) = 400

Show All Records

Go to Recor/Request/Page[First]

Else If [Get (LAstError) = 401

Go to Recor/Request/Page[First]

Omit Multiple Records [No dialog; Get (Foundcount)]

End If


Can you please help me modify or add my script to make it work. I want t use this script in web direct.

Thank yu so much.